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Coxbuilt Customs is proud to be an authorized provider of Spectra Chrome Coatings.  With over 10 years of research and development, Spectra Chrome has perfected the spray-on chroming process that is trusted by the world’s most discerning companies.  Spectra Chrome's coating has been featured on the world-famous Grave Digger monster truck, Bitchin' Rides TV show, and over 22 NCAA football team's helmets.  We are excited to bring this technology to Southeast Ga!  

chromed car with red chrome
grave digger chome part
green chrome helmets
motorcycle chrome

The Spectra Chrome process is based on a patented chemistry that is as durable as an OEM automotive finish, yet it remains completely flexible on vinyl and polypropylene.  The topcoat is UV resistant and will never yellow or fade in the sun, and its amazing intra-layer adhesion prevents, peeling, flaking, or cracking. This revolutionary product is the perfect choice for a long-lasting, high-quality chrome finish.  We can do traditional chrome or colored chrome for truck suspension parts, coil springs, UTV and Side by Side (SxS), and even the plastic SxS bodies!  Best of all, as a powder coating shop, we can combine chrome and powder coat for custom projects like wheels and just about anything you can dream up!


spraying chrome process

Parts are first coated with Spectra Chrome’s specially formulated white basecoat. The self-leveling formula lays down smooth, flat, and shiny – the perfect base for a show chrome finish.

applying chrome

A unique water-based silver solution is applied next, using a specially designed dual-nozzle spray gun. The silver mist lays down flat and builds up reflectivity to a brilliant, perfect mirror shine.

spraying chrome blue topcoat

An ultra-durable automotive clearcoat seals the silver finish and provides incredible UV resistance and unmatched durability. This clear topcoat can be tinted to any shade of the spectrum!

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