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We exclusively use Armadillo professional spray in polyurea bedliner from Marvel Coatings.  Designed for better adhesion, impact resistance, and UV protection over the competition.  Offering a Premium Hybrid blend of polyurea and polyurethane is what sets our truck bedliner chemical apart from the competition.  

The MarvelSpecialty line of products offers options for UV stability, color fastness, and EXTRA flexibility. Within this line of products we have our 100% Polyurea aliphatics, specialty topcoats for harsh environments, and unique formulations demonstrating Marvel's ability to assist in providing one-of-a-kind formulations. The aliphatics feature an Ultra-level combination of heightened physical properties and color stability. Our Aromatic Hybrids and 100% polyureas provide excellent durability, however when you want your color to stay true longer, then ALIPHATIC is what you need. 

We’re all about options, and you need to make every dollar count, so our MarvelCoat OEM-M86 has everything you need to work within your budget. 

You. Want. More.

More UV Protection. More Fade Resistance. More Color Fastness.

Let’s talk about MarvelSpecialty ALIPHATIC. This will not disappoint those looking for a UV resistant black bedliner, or those looking to add a little color to their full vehicle spray jobs. We’re talking Trucks, Jeeps, ATVs sprayed with a product that doesn’t need to be top coated, and won’t fade or change colors, or begin to show signs of either for years.  

Looking to add a little color? 

Our cartridge material comes in 13 additional colors outside of BLACK, and also comes in our STANDARD material or ALIPHATIC material.

Standard Colors

Our Polyol-based pigments are specially formulated to work with our polyurea systems. These are available for both our Aromatic and Aliphatic formulations. 
We mix just the right amount of pigment to ensure optimal results. 









ALIPHATIC product is more expensive, and in some instances, it’s best used as a topcoat to save money while adding the UV protection it brings. If you’re looking to add the best of both worlds then we can talk about the Armadillo Liners Solar Defense.  Designed to allow for a less expensive base color with our Standard Aromatic cartridges combined with UV stability an ALIPHATIC topcoat provides.

Color options for bedliner
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